И об английских школьниках...

"Restore the pupils access to the House rooms and phones at Woodbridge school"

Стёпину школы штормит. С сентября новый директор (прошлого призвали то ли в Вену, то ли ещё куда хорошее). Который уже запретил телефоны в школе и некое прочее. В том числе, ходят слухи, что хотел иметь доступ в телефонам и просматривать, что там на своих гаджетах делают детки.

А детки написали петицию...

«At Woodbridge, the house rooms have been considered a haven for those wishing to perhaps just sit down, relax, socialize and chat for a long time. We can understand the frustration the staff feel on the matter, but it has become clear- many pupils would rather socialize within the walls of the house rooms than outside at times. It is nice to have a clean, warm space to talk, with only your year, the people you know best, allowed in. The fact that people were not socializing with each other was due to mobile phones, which are no longer a part to play. On the other hand, we believe the use of phones in house rooms, and house rooms only can be positive. Perhaps if pupils were taught self control, mobiles can be used in the house rooms alongside socializing, the house rooms could be a place to send that quick text to your friend asking where on the premises they are, or the important phone call to parents. The extended use of phones solely to play games is unnecessary, but we believe that if students were taught self control over devices, it could benefit the school, the lives of the pupils and the future skills of the pupils. Thank you»

Dr Robson·4 дня назадDear students, thank you for demonstrating the Fundamental British Value of Democracy in action. At Woodbridge, we are always interested in the views of our students and we will always take what you say seriously. In light of this petition, we have called an extra-ordinary Student Council meeting today and Miss Norman and I will happily discuss this item in detail. Please pass all further comments and ideas through to your Student Council Representative as they are elected by you to represent your views. They will feedback to you what was discussed and decided in due course.
Dr Robson (Headmaster)

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